Did you know that you can outsource Dropshipping on Amazon?

Every online selling platform is different, so anyone working with one must have specialized skills. They must know how the specific platform functions to be able to perform tasks proficiently. Amazon, however, is one of the more particular among these platforms. As an Amazon seller, you know how much there is to learn about it, and how long it takes to really get to know the ins and outs of the system.

Every business model is also different, and the same concept about skills and knowledge applies. Dropshipping is unique as a business model that does not require traditional inventory, unlike Wholesale, White Label, or Retail Arbitrage, for example. Anyone working within this model must understand how it works and what needs to be done for the business to not only function, but to perform at peak efficiency.

Are there really remote online workers who know all this and can do it competently?

Absolutely. You just need to know where to look. But before we get into that, here are 6 Amazon-specific tasks to consider so you can easily outsource Dropshipping.

(1) Product Research

This is one of the most tedious of all Amazon tasks. Of, course, as an entrepreneur, you probably love browsing and shopping online, looking for the next best thing. Nevertheless, it can eat up huge chunks of your day, and you don’t want to get tied up in this humble work. You need to stay focused on streamlining operations and planning for growth.

Outsource Dropshipping product research on Amazon so you can free up your time to prepare. You will have a lot to do once that new wonder item is discovered. There’s the launch and the marketing and all that jazz.

Hire an Amazon product research freelancer to go through the Amazon catalog for you to identify high opportunity products. This will save you at least a few hours a week. Then you can go over the hot list and focus your time on selecting the best one to add to your store.

(2) Product Listing

You have most likely done your first product listings yourself, and spent a good amount of time learning how Amazon likes it done. You will therefore also know how picky Amazon can be and how much time it takes to get that listing just right. Maybe, because of how busy you are with your startup Amazon business, you haven’t even actually gotten around to really optimizing your listings.

Product listing is a very important aspect of your Amazon store. Do it right and you will see a significant boost in listing performance. Do it sloppily and your products won’t get the visibility they need to bring you sales. You don’t have the time for it, but it needs to get done if you want your business to succeed.

Hire an experienced Amazon SEO freelancer to find the right keywords for you. Hire an expert copywriter to write bullets and descriptions that meet Amazon standards. Hire a practiced product lister who knows Amazon inventory templates and can easily bulk upload your products. Hire a skilled product photographer to produce Amazon-styled images. These are just the basics – we’re not even talking about videos or Enhanced Brand Content – and you need to get it all done now. Peak season will be here again before you know it, and you want to be prepared so you can experience optimal exposure and sales.

If you search carefully, you may even find one person who can do all or many of these tasks. This reduces the number of people you have to deal with, making the workflow so much smoother.

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(3) Customer Service

This is an area that you really don’t want to fool around with, especially as an Amazon seller. Amazon puts great importance on customer satisfaction, and even has special metrics that you need to meet. You need to have stellar customer service if you want to play with the big boys. The enormous pressure on you to make every Amazon shopper happy will most likely make you feel that you should take care of this area yourself. It is wise to gain some experience in dealing with the beast that is the Amazon customer, but it’s not good business sense to get buried in it.

As you grow, your customer service needs will grow as well. Each customer deserves at least 15 minutes of undivided attention to resolve simple inquiries and complaints. If you have even just 7 customers, that’s already a full week’s work. When you’re Dropshipping, it means longer conversations. You either need to pay closer attention to your suppliers who are shipping goods directly to your customers, or spend more time resolving disputes from people who will look to you for late shipments, damaged items, and everything in between.

Outsource Dropshipping customer service on Amazon to someone who knows the metrics and how to handle inquiries and complaints along those lines. An Amazon specialized customer service representative can save you hours of pain by preemptively dealing with issues more efficiently than you could and making sure that only the very few – if any – really big problems require your attention.

(4) Metrics Manager

In keeping with their customer service standards, Amazon has strict seller metrics. If you don’t abide by these stringent rules, you could be kicked off the platform. Don’t even ask how difficult it is to get back on if you do mess up, or how impossible it is to negotiate with the retail giant.

You have definitely come across these rules since you could not have applied to be a seller in the first place without agreeing to them. You may not, however, have become an expert at knowing every Do and Don’t that you need to follow every step of the way. Learning this is essential to your survival on this most competitive selling platform, but it doesn’t have to be you who memorizes the metrics.

Hire an Amazon freelancer who knows these metrics like the back of their hand, or at least knows where to find the information quickly and what adjustments are necessary to remain compliant. You will be much happier knowing that the store you have invested so much of yourself in is safe. Then you can freely focus all your energy on growing rather than worrying if your efforts to expand might one day prove to have been in vain.

(5) Amazon PPC Manager

This is one of the most difficult of all Amazon tasks. PPC on any platform requires a very specialized skillset that can only be mastered by a particular type of thinker and through loads of experience. Chances are, you are not that particular kind of special. Amazon PPC can become very costly both in terms of time and your hard-earned cash if it isn’t done well. You don’t want to put either of these valuable resources into something that requires a long-term investment. You are an entrepreneur. You need to be doing entrepreneur stuff.

Outsource Dropshipping PPC to someone who has experience running Amazon ads. They will already have a proven track record of success in boosting sales for Amazon stores. For your dear baby business, would you rather have someone who is just trying things out for the first time – a.k.a. you – or a masterful crackerjack who seems to magically make things happen?

(6) Inventory Manager

This is another area that requires a certain artistry to manage well. Inventory management is more than just sending out orders for products as they come in. For Dropshipping on Amazon, you don’t need to know how much of what you have because you don’t stock anything. You will, however, need to know how much of what your suppliers have, which is more difficult. You also need to know how much you are going to need to make available to your customers at any given point, and how to negotiate so that your suppliers will have everything ready. It’s a delicate balancing act that demands a close eye and a keen sense. You certainly have these traits as a business owner, but you cannot afford the focus that it will involve.

Hire a freelance inventory manager to carefully track your sales and professionally communicate with suppliers to keep everything running smoothly. They will know how to analyze your account so that they will know the critical times that extra product needs to be available and how to coordinate with secondary suppliers to ensure there is no gap in availability.

Over to You

The decision to outsource Dropshipping on Amazon is an important one to make for any Amazon seller who is just starting out. You have already invested yourself quite deeply in setting up your new eCommerce business, and as you grow, you will need to invest yourself even more profoundly. You need to outsource Dropshipping tasks to qualified professionals who can handle each aspect expertly. Only then can you turn to what you do best, and have every area of your business covered by a dedicated specialist. Then you will have properly set up your business for success.