Founding of

The concept of was founded in early August of 2015 as I began to think more seriously about my future as an entrepreneur and the current problems that I recognized facing troves of individuals around the world.

As an entrepreneur, it is my duty to identify common issues affecting groups of people and seek innovative ways to provide them with a solution. This blog was founded on a core issue that I witnessed on a daily basis and that I have a passion for solving.

Identifying the Core Problem

People around the world have ideas of who they want to become, but they are halted by the lack of a well structured plan and true understanding of self.

Everyday, people’s dreams are torn down in both their personal and professional lives because of this problem and it eventually leads to the individual settling for a life that does not align with their true passions.

Developing a Solution

As I thought more about the problem, I realized that I have been able to avoid the trap by strategically planning both my personal and professional life to agree with my short and long term goals. Reflecting upon the results that I have been able to produce by applying strategic thinking led me to my solution.

Create and grow an online community of customers interested in learning about strategic thinking and planning. Provide content to the community that allows them to take better control of their lives and excel as strategic thinkers. Offer coaching, how-to guides, and books that further communicate the understanding of self, strategic planning, and the cultivation of belief.

The Start

With a strategic focus on entrepreneurs and young professionals, I began crafting content to achieve the solution to the problem facing so many individuals.

I chose writing as my medium because it has always been a passion of mine and I believe in its power to teach others valuable lessons that can make a true impact on how one thinks and acts.

The Mission of

The mission of stems directly from the proposed solution to the problem that I recognized and presented above.

Mission: To create an online community where entrepreneurs and professionals can learn how to apply strategic planning to achieve short and long term goals through coaching, content, and real-life examples.

The Target Market

When beginning to think about the ideal reader for my future community, I decided to gear my content toward three main markets. While the general strategic planning lessons can be applied to anyone’s life, I found it critical to clearly identify my readers before starting to write. With a focused target market, I was able to create content that adds true value to their lives.

Target Market #1: Entrepreneurs

This group is defined as young entrepreneurs who have started their own business and are seeking advice on effectively leading and growing their company. They have implemented their idea, are seeing a proof of concept, and need help structuring the growth of the company.

Target Market #2: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This group is comprised of individuals who are interested in starting and running their own business. They have an idea, have started to think about the founding of the company, and need help strategizing the beginning steps to take action.

Target Market #3: Young Professionals

This group is interested in becoming better at their job, seeking new opportunities within their field of expertise, or learning more about running a business. This market has a job, but they see more for their future than where they currently are. They are seeking a community where they can receive advice on further progressing their personal and professional growth.

The Vision of

In the next year, I envision becoming a site where thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals learn about the power of strategic planning through my stories and the stories of featured entrepreneurs from around the United States.

I envision the release of 5 books on strategic planning, the formation of 10 partnerships with university entrepreneurship programs, the creation of an email list of over 5,000 readers, and the opportunity to write in a publication with the stature of Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and

The Strategic Plan for

As you will hear me say time and time again, a mission and vision are only as good as the accompanying strategic plan. To give you a glimpse into how I strategically plan my life, I’ve included the milestones and action steps that I will be striving to complete in the first year of the site’s existence.

Milestone #1: Launch to the public

Action step: Design the site for ease of use and email acquisition optimization
Action step: Create 25 pieces of Pillar Content for readers to initially learn about the content of the site
Action step: Prepare to launch a compelling marketing campaign to attract initial readers

Milestone #2: Build email list to 50,000 followers

Action step: On average, add 136 new followers per day
Action step: Download plugins that optimize email sign ups
Action step: Get 1 guest post published each week –> 50 total
Action step: Form 250 blogger partnerships
Action step: Form a partnership with 10 university entrepreneurship programs
Action step: Speak at 2 public events
Action step: Launch exclusive interview series on entrepreneurs and leaders

Milestone #3: Get published in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fast Company, Forbes,

Action step: Get published in 25 local newspapers and publications
Action step: Get recognized by 5 university entrepreneurship programs
Action step: Get published in 50 entrepreneurship blogs
Action step: Forge a relationship with editors within the publications through networking
Action step: Self publish my own book about entrepreneurship and strategic planning

Milestone #4: Recognize earnings of $100,000

Action step: On average, earn $275 per day
Action step: Incorporate affiliate sales to
Action step: Incorporate strategic ad space sales to
Action step: Publish and sell 5 books that add value to my reader community
Action step: Offer coaching services for $25 then $50 per hour
Action step: Release a subscription that offers unseen content and exclusive how-to guides
Action step: Launch an exclusive 1-on-1 mentor program for $5,000 per year
Action step: Freelance write content for 5 regular clients

Milestone #5: Publish and release 5 books centered around strategic planning

Action step: Schedule weeks where nothing is of priority other than writing, reading, and reflection
Action step: Hire a copy editor to proofread all of my work
Action step: Learn how to self-publish your own book
Action step: List the 5 books for sale on

Milestone #6: Mentor 100 entrepreneurs, professionals, and college students

Action step: Create guidelines for who I will mentor and display them on
Action step: Identify individuals that I would be interested in working with and contact/pitch them
Action step: Form 10 partnerships with university entrepreneurship programs

Milestone #7: Form a partnership with 10 university entrepreneurship programs

Action step: Identify and contact 100 university entrepreneurship programs
Action step: Create 50 strong relationships with professors –> reach out to over 500 professors
Action step: Visit 25 university entrepreneurship programs
Action step: Utilize the strategic planning books to sell them on the partnership

Milestone #8: Interview 12 influential entrepreneurs and leaders

Action step: Identify and contact 100-200 entrepreneurs and leaders about my desire to interview them about their story and beliefs on strategic planning
Action step: Develop a script for the interview
Action step: Purchase a lighting kit, learn how to use it, and teach myself how to edit video on my computer
Action step: Schedule 12 interviews over 52 weeks

Milestone #9: Become an expert in blogging, digital marketing, content creation, and front-end web development

Action step: Read 1 book on each of the four topics
Action step: Practice blogging everyday for 1 year
Action step: Practice digital marketing strategies everyday for 1 year
Action step: Create content everyday for 1 year
Action step: Practice front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) on the design of my site 1x per week
Action step: Create relationships with leaders within each industry/skill set