I recently connected with Rafi Chowdhury from Chowdhury Digital and did some digging into his story and expertise. It was great to see another eager entrepreneur learning at a rapid pace and applying it to the growth of their business.

I asked Rafi if he’d be willing to answer a handful of questions so that I could share it with the community. It’s amazing what you can learn from listening to other’s stories and Rafi’s is no different.

I hope that you enjoy his answers and I encourage you to reach out in the comments section with other questions that you’d like to hear answered. Let’s just make sure to make them relevant to his expertise so he can add as much possible value to the community as possible.

Exclusive Interview with Rafi Chowdhury

1. Briefly describe your journey to where you are today. How does it align with your original vision?

I started out as a marketer back in 2013. Since then I have been blessed enough to be able to work with some of the biggest influencers in the space and some really creative and awesome companies! After starting and failing at a bunch of startups early on in my career, I finally found Online Marketing as my passion and that’s what I do now all day every day 🙂

To be honest, I learn so many new things so fast that what I am doing almost never totally aligns with what I was planning on doing, say, 1 year ago. Haha. But I know that I love creating cool businesses and helping people and providing for my family. That’s pretty much what fuels me and motivates me to keep going on with my vision and my passions.

2. What were the first steps you took to start your company? Why?

I reached out to local companies and offered to help them for free. I would only charge them if they got any results from my work. Why? Because I had no credibility at the time. So, that was was the only way I could get my foot in the door and build my portfolio and have some results to show to my next client.

3. What do you find most difficult about being an entrepreneur?

The stress. There is no doubt its very stressful sometimes and also very unstable at times, especially in my line of work. But, there are way too many pros to negate the cons.

4. What 3 actionable steps can you recommend for young companies to increase visibility of their business?

1. Becomes friends and partners with all your competitors and customers. Literally, reach out to each and every one of them and find a way to work with them instead of competing against them. Same with your customers…spend the extra bucks to treat your customers as good as possible and keep a personal relationship with them. It will for sure pay off way more during the lifetime value of that customer.

2. Create and strategically promote your content to your audience. Without educating your audience, it is very difficult to get them to buy from you. Start educating your audience today. You won’t have to sell them anything…because they will buy from you.

3. Build an email list and a community on social media. Then, engage with your audience via email and social media. Keep them engaged with how you are doing without lots of personal and company photos of employees, etc. People love seeing other people and into their lives, so be transparent with your customers.

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5. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I would like to run a SaaS company, have a fully virtual business, and own real estate in Tennessee.

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