Featured In


Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum
Had a great chat with JV about hiring remote workers, building remote teams, and scaling my first two companies. Amazing show for entrepreneurs.

the top podcast nathan latka

The Top with Nathan Latka
Super cool 10 minute show that hammers into the financial figures of each business it has on. Fast-paced and quick-math talk with Nathan Latka.

thumb_1492108726-artwork-unofficial shopify podcast

Un-Shopify Podcast with Kurt Elster
Great to meet Kurt, a high value Shopify entrepreneur. Was a blast to talk about drop shipping, Shopify, and hiring for eCommerce.

legends and losers podacst

Legends and Losers Podcast
Brash and in-your-face round table with Chris Lochheead, Colin Vincent, and three other millennial entrepreneurs. Loved shooting the shit with this group and learned a lot just from the conversation.


eCommerce Master Plan Podcast
Absolute pleasure to meet and chat with Chloe about writing, publishing, and marketing my book with the help of FreeeUp freelancers. Great listen for anyone that wants to publish their own book.

coolthingsentrepreneursdo logo

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do
Had an awesome chat with Thom Singer about my entrepreneurial journey. We dove into the importance of mentors and how I’ve built a team of mentors that I can always go to when in tough times.

170x170bb hack the entrepreneur

Hack the Entrepreneur
Jon Nastor and I ran through my journey from eCommerce to South Africa to FreeeUp and then focused on how other entrepreneurs can free up their business with remote teams.

industry angel podcast 150x150

Industry Angel Podcast
Loved meeting Ian Farrar and talking about entrepreneurship on his podcast. Was a great conversational interview with lots of advice from both of us for small business owners.

marketing for owners logo 150x150

Marketing for Owners with Jon Butt
With the podcast with the best show notes, Jon Butt and I got into my day to day activities as the CMO of FreeeUp. We talked about how to build a referral program and push it viral.

1200x630bb intentionally inspirational

Intentionally Inspirational Podcast
Very casual, yet informative conversation with Jason Wright about hiring and using remote freelancers. Was exciting to see how Jason is using remote workers to build his businesses and share advice for listeners.

ecommerce all stars podcast

eCommerce All Stars Podcast
Awesome conversation with Branden Moskwa about Amazon, drop shipping, and eCommerce operations. For a focused group, we were able to really dive into my experiences in eCommerce and how others can learn from it.

moment master podcast

Moment Masters Podcast
I met Shakira Brown through a mutual connection and had a fun discussion about building Portlight and FreeeUp into million dollar companies. Great actionable tips for scaling and branding.

170x170bb scott king show

The Scott King Show
Scott King and I chatted about all things marketing at FreeeUp. We discussed initial branding tactics, day to day CMO activities, and what advice I have for other CMOs and entrepreneurs learning marketing.

170x170bb copy that pops

Copy That Pops
In this episode, Laura Peterson and I chat about my process for writing and publishing my book, Free Up Your Business. We talk specifically about the processes I used to write it and design it using freelancers.