My Startup Tools


I’ve been using BlueHost to host this website since I started it. BlueHost gives you server space to store your website so that it can deliver to your readers. BlueHost is an affordable solutions for young companies.

wodpress logo

This site is built with a custom theme from WordPress. WordPress allows you to create a website without any coding knowledge. I use a plugin called Visual Composer that allows you to drag and drop to create all of the elements of each page. There are thousands of plugins that give you more custom features for your website as well.


Google Analytics
To measure the traffic and users to my site, I use Google Analytics. You can create custom reports that provide only the information you want to review each day. I also love the Google Analytics mobile app that has a great experience for quickly viewing daily stats.


To send you all emails, I use Mailchimp’s free version of the software. It allows you to create custom sign up forms, segment email subscribers, send well-designed campaigns, and track open rates. Perfect for a startup budget and easy-to-use platform.


I use my own company to hire and manage payment with my freelancers that help me run this site. As soon as I’m ready to hire another worker, I have them within 24 hours. It’s perfect for quickly growing a top talent team.


I’ve been using Skype for 7+ years to communicate with my team, record podcast interviews, train new workers, and hold team meetings. It’s Free to use and has a great mobile app to use on the go. Great for getting your company off the ground.

jira logo

If you have a dev team or a project manager, I highly recommend Jira. It’s a reasonable monthly price and has the smoothest experience for a project management tool that I’ve used. Great for keeping projects rolling across multiple teams.


TeamViewer is an awesome tool for screen sharing with your team. I use this mainly when training a new worker. I show them the process on my screen then I provide feedback as they share their screen with me. Free to download and upgrade.


Great tool for editing photos and creating graphics if you don’t have Photoshop. I use it for creating ads, resizing images, adding text onto images, and much more. Definitely give this one a look. Free to use.


I use this software for creating wireframes while designing this website and my other domains. It’s only $89 for a lifetime license. Drag and drop tool for building wireframes.

yet another mail merge

Yet Another Mail Merge
Once your company gets big enough you’ll be contacting lots of people every day. In certain situations, it will make sense to use a template to send information out. This app is a free tool that adds onto Google Sheets and sends emails directly through your email account.


If you ever have a repetitive process you are doing between two apps, there is a chance you could automate it with Zapier. This program allows you to set up automatic “zaps” between two apps. Give it a look. You’ll be impressed.