14 Shopify Virtual Assistants To Hire in 2018

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Starting a new business is more often than not a difficult and time-consuming process. Having gone through it, you know how important it is to learn how to properly set things up. You have done a lot to learn what you need to know to fuel your startup. Now, you have gotten your Shopify store ready to receive orders and get them delivered to your customers.

All the effort and resources that you have out into your business can make it hard for you to pass of parts of it to someone you barely know. Why not just carry on as before, doing everything yourself? After all, you’ve come this far and you know your store better than anyone, right?

You most certainly know your business better than anyone. However, keeping all the different tasks that need to get done on your plate is not the best decision. It might seem like a good idea to take care of things yourself – you, the person who is most invested. In reality, however, doing this is actually going to hurt you and your business.

Hiring a Shopify virtual assistant or two to help you out is an important step for business growth. You need to pass off tasks at this crucial stage if you want to experience growth in the future. No single person, no matter how dedicated, can run a truly successful business alone. You need help from Shopify virtual assistant experts to get your store running efficiently. Allowing a Shopify virtual assistant to take care of each area will allow you the time and attention to focus on growth strategies.

Below are 14 Shopify virtual assistant experts that you can hire so that you will be able to nurture your business and allow it to reach its success potential.

1. Product Sourcer

You’ve gone through the process of how to find good products to sell on you store. You know what you want and what makes sense for your goals. There’s absolutely no need for you to continue doing all the research yourself. You can hire an experienced Shopify virtual assistant to take over for you and free up your valuable time.

2. Product Lister

You have probably created the listings for your first few products yourself. It’s a great exercise to go through, an indispensable experience to have. You now know how listings should be created to attract customers. Moving forward, you can have a Shopify virtual assistant create new listing for you in that style so you can focus on more demanding tasks. An expert lister might even have a few ideas of their own to help you make your listings even better.

3. Store Designer

Setting up your Shopify store is only the beginning. You are now ready to offer products for sale, which is the whole point. But you need to do some sprucing up to make your store stand out. A Shopify virtual assistant who designs stores can add some nice touches to help you catch your target customers’ eyes and facilitate conversions.

4. Order Management

When orders start coming in, you’re going to find yourself stuck with order management. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that you won’t be able to get out of this rut. Hiring a Shopify virtual assistant to manage orders for you will save you from this. Fulfilling orders is not difficult, but it can take a lot of time. If you are aiming to grow, start setting up your order management as early as now to avoid hassles in the future.

5. Inventory Manager

More than taking care of orders, you have to keep an eye on your inventory. You have to make sure that at any given time, you have enough product available to meet your customers’ demands. This takes a certain level of concentration and daily commitment that you don’t need to be responsible for. Save yourself for the tasks that need your skills specifically and pass this one off to a Shopify virtual assistant.

6. Customer Service Rep

Along with orders will come customer questions and complaints. You know all the answers, but you don’t need to be contacting customers with the same information day in and day out. Get a Shopify virtual assistant to manage your inquiries and comments. You’ll save a lot of time and headache just by having one person take care of this area for you. With an expert customer service representative, you can even provide your customers with a much better experience than you could manage on your own.

7. Social Media Manager

Having a store isn’t enough to start selling enough to put food on the table. You need to market your products and advertise to get the attention of shoppers. You probably already have a plan in place, but should you spend your valuable time implementing it? A Shopify virtual assistant who specializes in social media can do a much better job and can free up your time to work on other and bigger plans for your business.

8. Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that an Ecommerce business can use to build their brand. It is also a very long process, regardless of the available lead generation tools. You will be tempted to set this task aside once you discover the many steps that you need to take to get it working for you. You do not want to do that. Email marketing is too important, especially when you can hire a Shopify virtual assistant to do most or even all of the work for you.

9. Photographer

Taking good photographs is not something that everyone can do. You want the best for your store, and you need the best product photos to boost sales. Hiring a Shopify virtual assistant with expertise in this area will ensure that your store has quality product photos to attract customers and show off your products’ best features.

10. Graphic Designer

As you grow, you will need to get some quality graphics created to support your efforts. You will need graphic designs for your promotions, ads and other marketing efforts, not to mention your regular social media posts and customer outreach projects. A Shopify virtual assistant with design skills can create professional graphics that will support your brand image and impress your targets.

11. Shopify Developer

At some point, you will need a skilled developer to make changes to your store. A Shopify virtual assistant who has experience in this area is a valuable asset. Shopify is a relatively simple platform, but there is only so much that you can really do with it on your own. A professional Shopify developer can help you make the changes that you need to maximize the impact of your store.

12. Content Writer

One of the best ways to reach out to your targets and really let them know that you care is by producing quality content. Whether you are focusing on social media posts or go the extra mile with a blog, quality content is key. Giving your customers what they deserve takes time and effort. A Shopify virtual assistant who is an expert writer will know how to plan and execute content that will wow your audience.

13. SEO Specialist

SEO is an absolute necessity in the online world. You have probably learned how to optimize your listings, which is a great thing. Optimizing your website pages is a whole different thing, however. You can learn to do this too, but it would be better to invest in a Shopify virtual assistant who already knows the ropes rather than using your time to study up on this very difficult skill to master.

14. Marketing Manager

Marketing is a huge area of your business that you will definitely have a hand in moving forward. There are many parts of marketing that you can pass off, though, so you are free to work on more specialized tasks. You can take on an expert Shopify virtual assistant to function as your marketing manager to take care of the execution as you continue to use your entrepreneurial talents to create your master plan for growth.

Over to You

With the above Shopify virtual assistant experts to help you, you can quickly scale and see positive results for your new business. This is not a complete list of the Shopify virtual assistant talents that you can take advantage of, so be sure to check out more Shopify VAs you can hire for your online store. You might also want to look into a few eCommerce tools to help you and your new Shopify virtual assistant be more efficient and productive.

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