7 Strategies to Make More Money Selling on Black Friday

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Selling on Black Friday holds more opportunity than on any other day of the year.

eCommerce business owners need to grab this opportunity to make the most of the Black Friday shopping frenzy. If you miss this, there will be no better chance to make a killing until November rolls around again.

The biggest selling day of the year is almost here! Are you ready?

You need to be implementing these 7 strategies NOW to crush selling on Black Friday and convert more than you have before.

Email Marketing

Set up and run an email marketing campaign. Send out special deals and coupons to your past customers that they can use on Black Friday.

  1. Create your digital coupons and set up your website to process the discounts, or go into your Amazon account and set up the appropriate promotions. Decide what you want to offer, and get it set up ASAP. You can start attracting early shoppers this way, and entice those who are browsing for items to put on their Black Friday shopping lists.
  2. Compose a simple message focused on selling on Black Friday. This is what you will email out to all the contacts that you have gathered through your lead generation efforts.

Your email marketing campaign can be very simple yet very effective. You can get this set up and run it fairly quickly in these last days leading up to Black Friday.

Social Media

Get more active on social media. Remind past customers of your presence and make potential customers aware of your offerings.

  1. Be present on socials as much as you possibly can. Maintain a round-the-clock presence if possible. Engage the help of social media freelancers if you don’t have the manpower. Skilled workers can help you maintain engagement with shoppers who are gearing up for the big sale day.
  2. Build rapport with your targets. Listen to what people are looking for. Then, talk to them about the options that they have – whether or not it’s directly related to the products you have for sale.
  3. Post your offers when and where they make sense. Learn about who you’re talking to and lead them to your available offers as appropriate. Be aggressive, but respect your targets by staying on point.

You can build a Black Friday community fairly quickly by maintain a constant presence as the Black Friday countdown winds to a close. This can pull in quite a number of new customers to boost your sales. It can also function as a great way to introduce your business to shoppers who will come back later, whether or not they end up making a Black Friday purchase.

Adjust Pricing

Adjust your prices on Black Friday as demand grows for your products.

  1. Gauge the demand for your products through Black Friday. Do a quick review of your sales trends to be reminded of who has been buying what and how much. First, look at the data for the past year or in the past few months as each product has become more popular. Next, look also at the data for when you were selling on Black Friday last year and take note of any pertinent details.
  2. Figure out which products are likely to be hot sells and prepare to adjust prices for these items. Then factor this into information your deal offering, too.
  3. Be prepared to make quick pricing adjustments as you are selling on Black Friday itself. Pay close attention throughout the period so that you can stay on top of things and make the most of the day.

Maximize sales as shoppers scramble to grab all the items on their shopping lists by adjusting your prices.

You want to remember that this is a very competitive time for all eCommerce business owners. Everyone is going to try to give shoppers the best deals that they can. The key to grabbing the most sales is striking a balance between the demand for your product and the other offers available out there.

Give Freebies

Add a little something free with all of your Black Friday orders. You can give away physical or digital products.

  1. Prepare some smaller items that you sell, or a digital file that customers can appreciate. You can encourage interest in your other products this way. For example, an eBook that fits in with the season is one good idea that is fairly easy to produce and distribute. If you need help, you can hire a freelance writer to help you get it done fast.
  2. Compose a nice message to accompany each package. A holiday greeting is a nice touch. A short and simple yet heartfelt message can go a long way. They are easy to produce, too – you can get them printed up quite nicely on a home or office printer, or have them professionally printed and sent to your packaging facility all cut up and ready to go.
  3. If you’re selling on Black Friday through Amazon, remember to comply with their strict policy on not asking for good reviews in return for free stuff.

Everyone loves to get freebies. When you’re selling on Black Friday, it’s even nicer. A shopper will appreciate you so much more when you give them a nice little gift on top of the great discounts that they got. It’s a great way to take part in their growing holiday cheer. Your customers will also remember you for it, which is always a good thing.

Personal Outreach

Prepare special deals for past customers. Over and above what you are offering to the general public, give them something extra.

  1. As above, prepare any digital coupons that you need for your website to process these special discounts. You can also set your packaging facility up to recognize past customers and add that something extra to their orders.
  2. Compose a more personalized message that is focused more on your customers rather than on selling on Black Friday. First, you can welcome past customers back if they haven’t shopped with you in a while. A hi-how-are-you for regulars is also really effective. Get that emailed out to all your customers before you start selling on Black Friday.

Aside from your basic email marketing campaign, you will want to reach out to your past customers with exclusive offers. This makes them feel special, which can encourage them to shop with you again. A personal message lets them know that you remember them and appreciate their past patronage. This is invaluable, especially in the online world where you will likely never meet them face to face.

Live Chat

Get live chat support set up. Make sure you have enough people to run it throughout the very busy sale period.

  1. Set up a live support channel through your website and for Amazon customers. You can use an app if you can get that set up fairly quickly, or you can use your usual chat messaging system like Skype, Facebook or Google Hangouts.
  2. Prepare to have live chat support running the entire day as you are selling on Black Friday so that customers can get quick answers. Customer are not going to be able to wait for you to respond, and you will likely lose a lot of sales if you can’t get to them immediately.
  3. Make sure that the live chat option is displayed prominently. Everyone should be able to clearly see how they can reach you. Customers should know that you are available around the clock to help them with their concerns. Get the word out through all your channels.
  4. Do a test run of your live chat system to check response times and prepare for any hiccups.

Get live chat support set up to run smoothly as you are selling on Black Friday. It’s going to be a very busy day, and you want to be able to keep your frantic, frustrated customers happy. And again, make sure that you have enough manpower available to man the live chat. They will need to be fresh and ready in the hours leading up to and all throughout, and also a few hours after the day itself.

Selling on Black Friday is also going to entail shipping out a lot more orders than you are accustomed to handling. Make sure that you have enough people available to get al those packages sent out in time, and to run your customer service for all your additional orders.

Exit Intent Offer

Set up an exit intent offer for selling on Black Friday. Make sure it’s attractive and functional so you can convert more.

  1. Prepare your exit intent offer and copy. It should be able to ensure that customers will complete their checkout. It should be attractive enough to stop shoppers from leaving your site, or get them to add more products to their order.
  2. Make sure you can supply customers with what you are offering them. It will be a complete disaster if you try to upsell and then have to go back on your word. Selling on Black Friday has to be smoother than any other day. Your customers are strapped for time and will react much more negatively to any mess-ups than at any other time of the year.

You will succeed in boosting your sales even further if you can get this down. You will effectively lower the number of customers who leave before completing their orders, and you will increase the number of items that you are selling on Black Friday with each order.

Totally Crush it Selling on Black Friday

By putting these things in place, you can reach your Black Friday sales goals and avoid wearing yourself thin in the process. With these simple preparations, you can have the best experience selling on Black Friday. You can actually enjoy the rush rather than just trying not to get run over in the stampede.


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