Next Steps: Visions of Writing, Clean Water, and Teleportation

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Today, I would like to ask the question, “How?”
“How will my visions of writing, clean water, and teleportation come true?”
“What events must come true in order for my visions to become a reality world where I am thriving?”

As a writer…

I will need to start a blog and build a loyal following of readers interested in my mind. I will need to write compelling material to attract repeat readers. I will need to share my knowledge with other bloggers in order to land guest posts where more readers will be directed to my site. I will need to learn the ins and outs of building and managing a WordPress blog site. I will need to understand how to utilize SEO in my articles and on my site. I will need to create a strong relationship with bloggers and influencers on the Internet to build my reputation. I will need to implement growth hacking strategies to build an email list.

I will need to create a set of products to sell to my readers that will add true value to their lives. I will need to spend the time crafting these products and services then selling and promoting them.

I will need to become an expert at monetizing my blog through affiliate products and selling advertisement space to reputable companies. I will need to form strong partnerships with companies that want to reach my audience.

I will need to be regularly published in newspapers, magazines, and other publications to build my reputation as an expert in entrepreneurship, leadership, eCommerce, and strategic growth. I will need to forge strong partnerships with the editors of these top publications to ensure that I can become a regular contributor.

I will need to read extensively to continue to learn more about my areas of expertise.

I will need to research and form relationships with editors at a publishing agency that specializes in my type of work. I will need to create a proposal and be accepted as an author so that I can become a published author and be sold in bookstores around the world. I will need to spend time writing a book that will blow the world away so that I can establish myself as one of the strongest writers of the time. I will need to go on tour and use my blog reputation to spread the word of my first published book to further garner interest and popularity.

I will need to continue to write books (1 per year after the first year) of similar caliber to continue to build upon my reputation as an author. I will need to attend conferences where I can speak about my most recently published works and attract attention to my next release. I will need to create partnerships and friendships with other writers and leaders in my area of expertise.

Towards the end of my life, I will need to allow others to write a book about me or write an autobiography. I will also need to write a book reflecting on life explaining the most important aspects that I have come to identify after a long life of learning. I will pour all of my advice into this book to live on as one of the greatest business books of all time.

As an individual influential in the delivery of clean water…

I will need to start a company dedicated to the delivery of clean water to the bottom of the pyramid market focusing on areas where the lack of clean water most negatively impacts the people and economies inhabiting it. I will need to research and speak with people currently addressing the issue to better understand the main reason why the people in these remote areas cannot access the clean water.

I will need to devise a business plan to pitch to investors for startup and operational money unless I am able to fund it myself. I will need to define every aspect of the business so that the plan is as flawless as possible.

I will need to travel to sites where I may first test the product or service to understand the problem that it is addressing, the ideal customer, and the cost that one would be willing to pay. Once I have completed this research, I will need to identify other areas of similar statistics and travel to them. After all traveling is complete, I will need to choose one area as my starting point. I will need to hire people on the ground to make the business function and operate on a daily basis. I will need to register as a business and obtain a bank account in the country of choice.

I will need to approach the government that I will be working in as well as the US government and global AID agencies to form strong partnerships. I will need to garner their support for my company and the cause that I am addressing. I will need their support to obtain the water and function as a business entity.

I will need to hire a staff in the US that will handle overseas operations, customer service, and technical issues. I will need to hire a staff of developers to create the company’s mobile application to allow users to order the water directly from their phone. I will need to do research into the most used operating systems in my area of operations and customize the application to that operating system. I will need to learn the technology so that I can lead the developers to create the best product possible. Eventually, I will need to build a mobile product that allows users to link their payment to a credit card, debit card, or bank account.

I will need to purchase insurance for all users in case of a robbery or theft.

I will need to form strong partnerships with the sources of clean water in the country. Ideally, I will find a way to get the water subsidized by the government.

I will need to travel and spread the word of the company to the world. I will need to attend global summits for social entrepreneurship, speak about clean water delivery, become a figure in the industry, and release pamphlets or books that support the cause.

I will need to find other goods that are sought after in the areas I am working, get access to them, and add them to my offerings.

I will need to write a book about my journey highlighting the change that I have been able to make to communities and people in the world. The book will also offer expert advice to entrepreneurs on tackling social issues through the power of entrepreneurship. I will need to become an expert at starting businesses focused on tackling social issues and targeting BOP markets.

As an individual influential in the discovery of teleportation…

I will need to start a company and recruit a group of top physicists who are interested in making significant breakthroughs in the teleportation of data and physical objects. I will need to recruit the leading engineers of 3D products to join our team to create the teleprinter that allows you to buy goods on demand in your house.

I will need to learn about and become an expert in the science and engineering behind teleportation and 3D printing. I will need to spend years studying both topics and speaking with leading researchers in each field. I will need to be able to help the scientists and engineers make breakthroughs.

Unless I am able to fund the project, I will need to create a business plan and raise investments from private investors and the government. I will need to demonstrate how our work will make them their money back eventually in the form of our product –> the teleprinter.

I will need to obtain permits and a facility to conduct experiments relating to the advancement of teleportation and quantum physics.

I will need to attend international meetings of the minds on physics to build our reputation and continue to attract the brightest minds to our project.

I will need to set up a network of distribution for the product once it has been built to reach both business consumers and household consumers.

Inside my mind…

Privy to yesterday, I now have a more defined set of milestones that I will need to accomplish over the next 50 years in order to make my visions a reality. Going forward, I need to continue to break each step out.

If I say that I need to learn something…how am I going to do that? What is the exact strategy? Continue to break it all down until they are small, specific action steps that I can begin incorporating into my day. And then I set off on my journey.

I have a head start on writing my vision because of the blog work that I have been doing over the past month, but I need to continue to paint the path forward. I also need to understand how and when I can begin to incorporate work from the other two visions. Becoming a physicist will take some time. I will want to design an education regiment to learn, learn, learn…then learn some more.

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