ConnorGillivan.com SEO Traffic Update: June 2022

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Welcome to another monthly SEO update for ConnorGillivan.com!

I’ve now been running this blog for almost 7 years and it’s been a lot of ups, downs, and lessons learned.

At certain times, I’d take a break from writing for ConnorGillivan.com then I’d pick it back up.

All the while, the website has continued to drive traffic through Google for keywords that I’ve targeted with my writing and content creation.

This year, 2022, I’m back on the horse and writing more than I ever have.

I’m actually just at the start of running a SEO test that I’m calling the Quantity Quality Effect test.

The test hypothesizes that if I create a high volume of quality content that targets low competition keywords over a period of 3-6 months, I’ll see my website traffic and SEO stats consistently increase over time.

As I run the test and afterwards as well, I’ll be publishing a monthly SEO update to share how the site traffic is performing and what I’ll be doing next to keep pushing the blog forward.

I hope that you enjoy and find value from these updates.



High Level Summary

June was a month where I decided to come back to ConnorGillivan.com and really give it a big revamp.

Over the years, it’s gone through a number of design overhauls and I wanted one that would set me on a new path towards being able to create more content around scaling a business and the different marketing hacks that I use to do that.

At the start of the month, I launched the new redesign of ConnorGillivan.com and I’ve been continuing to iterate it since then adding different features to increase CRO for visitors coming to the site.

In June, I also revived the ConnorGillivan.com content calendar.

I conducted some in-depth keyword research to find low competition, high relevance keywords that I could target. Then I used Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Method to create relevant article titles. Then I built out WordPress post templates that I could use to more efficiently write content for each keyword.

In June, I published 4 new articles. Not as many as I’m aiming for now in July, but on a better track given all of the other web design projects I was working on as well.

In June, I also started consistently posting again on LinkedIn and Facebook about my content and journey so that it could drive more traffic to the site.

June was a good overall set up the foundations month so that July through December can be focused on high volume quality content creation.

SEO Update

Below you’ll find certain stats on how ConnorGillivan.com is performing with regards to website traffic, search performance, and email lead generation. All of this data is pulled directly from Google Analytics, Moz, Google Search Performance, and MailChimp.

Google Analytics Stats

Total Users 595
Pages/Session 1.36
Pageviews 960
Bounce Rate 85.82%
Avg Session Duration 1:14
Direct 187 (31.3%)
Search 250 (41.8%)
Social 154 (25.8%)
Referral 7 (1.2%)

Google Search Console Stats

Total clicks 241
Total Impressions 15200
Average CTR 1.60%
Average Position 45.5
Top Query 1
ecommerce podcast for beginners
Top Query 2 startup theory
Top Query 3 passion test summary
Top Query 4 javellin board
Top Query 5
startup roles and responsibilities template

SEO Stats

Domain Rating 33
Linking Domains 258
Inbound Links 1100
Ranking Keywords 61

Email Marketing Stats

# of subscribers 751
avg open rate 18%
avg click rate 0.75%

Social Stats

Facebook – Total Page Likes 5,215
Facebook – New Page Likes 6
Facebook – Post Reach 502
Facebook – Post Engagement 53
LinkedIn – Impressions 14,601
LinkedIn – Engagements 245
LinkedIn – Profile Views (Past 90) 579
LinkedIn – Search Appearances 1108
LinkedIn – Total Followers 8,147

Concluding Thoughts

June was a great month to get back into the swing of things with ConnorGillivan.com.

I have a good game plan for where I want to head with the blog over the next 3 to 6 months and I’m confident in the steps to get there.

Some things that I think about often:

  • Should I hire a Content Manager to help me edit, publish, and distribute the content?
  • How far down should I niche my content? What if there are ideas outside of marketing and business that I want to touch upon?

July is sure to be a great month of new content, further distribution, and new growth.

Thanks for following along if you’ve made it this far.

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Connor Gillivan

Want me to run SEO for you? 
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