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Learn the exact daily, weekly, and monthly SEO system I used to go from zero to $12M in ARR w/ an exit in 2019.

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The exact system I used to grow to $12M ARR & an exit in 2019.

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Connor is one of my favorite SEO creators. I love how he's capable of breaking down complex topics into simple, easy to understand steps, all while covering a large range of topics (that many others don't talk about). An absolute beast.
Maxim Poulsen
Connor is one of the best SEOs I know online. His ability to take complex SEO topics and break them down into simple, step-by-step processes is uncanny. If you're looking to level up your SEO game, Connor is your guy!
Semir Sakanovic
Connor and his SEO Course were awesome as usual! He has a great way of taking concepts, then simplifying them so that almost anyone can understand. The videos are all bite-sized and very watchable, and I was actually able to go through the entire course in a few days (I typically don't finish online courses that I buy to be completely honest). I loved the no-BS approach, actionable steps and results-focused content!
Rhami Aboud
Man, you made it so simple. I like every bit of it. It is actionable. The best part, you showed the results you got. I am definitely going to implement the lessons I learned from this course. Wishing you all the best, Connor.
I've ran Digital and Website for 3 large B2B companies so when I stumbled upon Connor's SEO content, I immediately recognized that his detailed carousels and walk-throughs were leaps and bounds ahead of any other "SEO guru" on the platform. Connor set out initially simply to help people until everyone was literally begging him to offer services and build a course. Glad he finally listened. PS: His posts are 90% of all my saved posts on the platform.
Tas Bober
I've spent the last 3 years building out my own processes and SOPs for SEO. And in 2023 I updated 90% of them with things I learn from Connor. New tricks here and there and entire full processes. And they work insanely well. An absolute powerhouse when it comes to sharing what works. Also a super nice guy which doesn't hurt.
Tim Hanson
I’ve followed Connor on LinkedIn for a while and this guy’s always dropping gems. Unsurprisingly, his course isn't any different. What I love about the SEO System is that it’s succinct, straight to the point, and will give you the tools to get you the results. You don’t need to recreate the wheel. Connor shows you what’s worked for his clients and businesses after years of honing in on his craft. If you want to get better at SEO, get it. It’s a no-brainer.
David Begazo
Connor is brilliant at breaking down complex SEO strategies into easy-to-follow guides.
Ben Goodey
Connor always delivers. He does a great job in helping the lesser-SEO experts like myself understand the basics and more advanced stuff, plus he moves us into action. Awesome guy to be connected with.
Jessie Van Breugel
Connor is a goldmine of knowledge about all things SEO. He generously shares actionable tips almost every day. I’ve learned a ton from Connor just by following him on LinkedIn. Plus, he’s a really nice guy who is always willing to help others grow and improve.
Samantha North
The Savvy SEO system provides me with many new perspectives on SEO, especially in the CRO and Analytics section. Additionally, Connor offers his real projects as SEO case studies that are inspiring. Thanks for your sharing and efforts for this course.
Chris Wu
One of the best courses I’ve ever done. Straight to the point, zero fluff and easy-to-follow.
Luca Montanari

What will you learn inside?


SEO fundamentals

Learn the 4 Pillars of SEO

β†’ Follow my simple strategies for content, backlinks, CRO & UX, and Analytics.Β 

β†’ Learn how to build a comprehensive SEO strategy.Β 

β†’ The SEO fundamentals you need to execute consistently for real results.Β 


Pillar #1: Content

Create SEO content that ranks

β†’ Quickly build a Content Pipeline for new SEO content and content upgrades.Β 

β†’ Learn all of the steps to create SEO content that will rank on Google.


Pillar #2: Backlinks

Build relevant & authoritative backlinks

β†’ Learn my 5 favorite backlink strategies with my exact processes.Β Β 

β†’ Start landing authoritative and relevant backlinks to your website on a regular basis.Β 


Pillar #3: CRO & UX

Turn traffic into leads & profits

β†’ Make design changes to your website for a better reading experience and increased conversion rates.

β†’ SEO traffic is great, but SEO is nothing without conversions.


Pillar #4: Analytics

Measure results & make data driven decisions

β†’ Rapidly set up a monthly SEO analytics process that I’ve been using for 10 years.

β†’ Be confident making SEO decisions based off reports from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

"Connor is one of the best SEOs I know online. His ability to take complex SEO topics and break them down into simple, step-by-step processes is uncanny. If you're looking to level up your SEO game, Connor is your guy!

Maxim Poulsen

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The full curriculum

Course Introduction

β†’ Welcome & My Journey
β†’ The Resource Guide
β†’ Full Course Slide in PDF

The Fundamentals & Strategy

β†’ How SEO Works
β†’ Content Creation
β†’ Content Upgrades
β†’ Backlinks
β†’ CRO & User Experience
β†’ Analytics

Pillar 1: Content Creation

β†’ Customer Avatars
β†’ Top 20 High Intent Keywords
β†’ Building Hub & Spokes and Content Clusters
β†’ Content Calendar Process
β†’ Keyword Research Process
β†’ Keyword Clusters Process
β†’ Creating SEO Content Outlines
β†’ Writing the SEO Content
β†’ Editing & Optimizing the Content
β†’ Publishing the Content
β†’ SEO Content Upgrades
β†’ Upgrade Optimization Checklist

Pillar 2: Backlinks

β†’ Review Sites, Directories, and Social Media Profiles
β†’ Content Partnerships for SEO
β†’ Podcast Interviews for SEO
β†’ Linkable Content
β†’ HARO & Featured (formerly Terkel)
β†’ Digital PR Link Building

Pillar 3: CRO for SEO Traffic

β†’ CRO for SEO
β†’ SEO UX Checklist

Pillar 4: Analytics

β†’ Monthly SEO Analytics
β†’ Running an SEO Audit
β†’ Monthly SEO Tracking Template

Bonus Material & What’s Next

β†’ Thank You & Congrats!
β†’ Hire Me & TrioSEO for your SEO
β†’ BONUS: ChatGPT Prompts for SEO
β†’ BONUS: How to Pitch SEO

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