11 Beginner Product Page Tips to Convert More Traffic into Sales

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What are the best beginner product page tips for new eCommerce stores?

There isn’t exactly a secret formula to creating product pages that sell. It all comes down to how a number of factors work together. To convert more traffic into sales, you need to both wow and inform your visitors. When you are just starting out with an online store, your product pages have to really pop so you can begin to convert. The best product page tips are those that are so simple and yet from the foundation of any listing.

Whether you are on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or any one of the many platforms out there, there are several basic factors that you must consider. These basics cover the elements that no product page should be without. Here are 11 essential product page tips that every new eCommerce store owner should apply:

(1) High Resolution Images

The first thing that visitors are likely to see on your product pages are your product images. Visuals always attract attention better than text. Probably the most important of all product page tips is to make sure that you have high quality images of all your products. Every photo that you upload should show every angle and feature of your products. These images should all be high resolution so that they don’t get all grainy and blurred when customers magnify them to see them more clearly. Quality images leave the impression that the product is high quality and the seller is professional and has made an effort to provide a superior customer experience.

(2) Product Videos

Uploading videos that show your product in use can set you apart from the competition. Even videos that show simple 360 degree rotation or list out the features with some nice background music can be very effective. Videos are much easier and more interesting to view than still shots, so they can greatly improve the customer experience. This is particularly true for mobile shoppers, who are likely to find it cumbersome to click on small arrows to scroll through images or enlarge each image to view them in detail. With one tap, they can view a video that presents each feature and zooms in automatically to show them everything.

(3) Clear Brand Name

Today’s shoppers are immediately concerned with pricing and features. They focus more on the instant value that they see more than the name behind a product. But a brand must still build itself up to capture loyal returning customers. Continually and consistently supporting your brand identity is one of the most important product page tips. Since shoppers are likely to zero in on the above aspects, your brand name should be clearer than ever. You may not yet have created a name for yourself, and now is the best time to start doing so. By displaying your brand name clearly on all your product pages, you call attention to it and help visitors remember it subconsciously. When they think about buying a product that they have seen on your shop, they will recall your brand and may even share the name with others.

(4) Detailed Listing

You need well-written product descriptions and precise bullet points to capture attention. People don’t have a lot of time to go through long paragraphs to get the information that they are looking for. To get all the pertinent information in, however, you must carefully craft your listing text. Be clear and concise, using no more words than necessary. Arrange the information logically and highlight the most important features of each product. This most fundamental of product page tips is key to closing the deal.

(5) Clear Shipping Details

A top concern of online shoppers alongside product pricing is shipping. Many online stores post very low prices and then charge exorbitant shipping fees. This is a huge turn-off. Make your shipping fees very clear right on the product page and try not to go overboard. If you are doing location-based fees rather than fixed-price or price-inclusive shipping, make sure that your customer can see that right away and enter the details that your website needs to calculate shipping. Of all the product page tips, this is the one that most customers will really appreciate you for.

(6) Purchase Stats

This is one of the product page tips that eCommerce business owners don’t see a lot. Most stores tend to overlook this feature, but it can give sales a powerful boost. Your product pages should display a notification of the number of people who have purchased that product in the past month. This goes a long way to show visitors how popular your product is, which will encourage them to buy it as well. It is an automated feature that is very easy to set up, so it really should not be forgotten.

(7) Customer Reviews

A lot of eCommerce store owners are wary of posting reviews on their site, especially for a new venture. It is wise to know that a new project will always have a lot of kinks to work out. Customer reviews, however, are a vital factor that shoppers use in making their purchase decisions. No reviews does not send not a neutral message. It usually means that you don’t have any good ones. Open up your pages to customer reviews as soon as you launch. This can also encourage you to remain vigilant with regards to your product quality and customer service experience. If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur and not a scammer, you don’t have to be afraid of reviews.

(8) FAQs

You may not think that you have any FAQs at all if you have just opened up shop. How are you going to set up FAQs for each product? Go to your manufacturer, supplier, competitors, and of course, the customer to get this information. Chances are you are not the only one in the world selling that product, and many people have already purchased it. Do some research and find out what people are talking about and write out product FAQs that preemptively address these concerns. This is one of the more unique product page tips that can really help you gain customer confidence and convert  more.

(9) Chat or Q&A

Your FAQs will not be comprehensive, especially at first. It is a vital aspect of customer service that you provide an easy and direct avenue for shoppers to inquire about each product. Set up live chat support or a Q&A section where they can ask questions right on the pages. Make sure at least one of these sections is manned around the clock. When you provide quick and intelligent responses to customer queries, you can capture the sale by preventing them from looking elsewhere or leaving the page and forgetting about you.

(10) Related Products

Many eCommerce platforms offer a related products section that you can easily set up on your product pages. Sometimes, however, the products that show up are not really related. Customers will tend to gloss over these unrelated products since they are not really thinking about that type of item at the moment. Make sure that you take time to go through the related products setting so that your product pages are displaying items that are closely related and that customers would want or need to buy as well.

(11) Responsive Design

Most people use portable devices to shop online these days, so your store must be mobile optimized. Make sure to test your store’s mobile version to ensure that it is as easy to use as the desktop version. Is your complete navigation visible? Are your product pages easy to find and get to? Do you have a prominent add to cart button? Is the functionality comparable to other store apps? Focus on providing shoppers with an awesome mobile experience and you will convert much better. A thorough one-time set-up with a few tweaks along the way is one of the most money-wise product page tips we can share.

Apply these Product Page Tips

As you build and tweak your online store, keep these product page tips in mind. Apply at least one at a time even if you can’t do them all at once. As you move forward, you will have a few and a few more of these essential site features that will help your website be a more effective tool by converting more traffic into sales.

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