Where Can I Learn Drop Shipping?

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Do you even need to actually learn drop shipping?!

Yes. Starting an online drop shipping business is not easy. You can start with just a little extra cash, but you can’t expect to build a strong business overnight. You need to understand how the model works – not just on the surface or as a concept. You need to know it as a living organism that has specific characteristics and behaviors. Learn drop shipping as a complex creature with specific functions and potential. Then you can be prepared to use it to build your business on.

The good news is, you don’t have to go back to college – eww – to learn drop shipping. Starting a drop ship business is easier than it ever has been before. Plus, there are a ton of online resources that you can use to learn drop shipping. No more classrooms – yay! – and just a few of the most relevant books that you should be reading before you jump into the crazy lake of internet drop shippers.

Below are just some of the top places you can go online to learn drop shipping. Browse through the courses and the people behind them. Pick one with a style that you like, and make sure that it covers what you don’t already know about drop shipping.


The Newbies Guide To Becoming A Successful Drop-Shipper promises that you can learn drop shipping and master the model quickly and easily. It’s a complete step-by-step video tutorial designed for entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether full or part time, you can learn drop shipping and make extra money while you sleep.

This 7-hour course is produced by Sam England, a top rated eCommerce expert. It covers building and designing an eCommerce website to start selling. More than just WordPress and eCommerce plugins, Sam dives into finding reliable drop ship suppliers, figuring out taxes and shipping, processing payments and returns, and other important things to learn drop shipping fast.

Drop Shipping 2.0 (More Traffic & Less Competition) focuses more on finding a profitable niche and gaining location independence with a passive income stream. This 1.5-hour course was designed for anyone looking to learn drop shipping with an innovative strategy.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass

This course is specifically to learn drop shipping on the Shopify platform. Produced by Kevin David, it covers vital areas like technical know-how, profitable niches, finding great products, attracting purchase-ready customers, and more. The course includes 5 core modules:

  • Module #1: Finding your Home-Run Product!
  • Module #2: Finding The Best Supplier!
  • Module #3: Creating Your Shopify Store!
  • Module #4: Your Marketing Explosion!
  • Module #5: Scaling to the Moon!

There are over 65 videos in the masterclass, plus bonus content on clickfunnels, email marketing and selling t-shirts. Members also get exclusive access to live training webinars and the Masterclass private Facebook group.

Drop Ship Lifestyle

This is actually a series of courses that you can take focusing on topics like choosing a product, finding a supplier and getting more traffic. Led by Anton Kraly, Drop Ship Lifestyle offers Basic, Premium and Done for you Packages. The Drop Ship Blueprint (v6.0) is a guide that takes you step by step to build a semi-automated profitable drop ship store. Topics cover, niches, market research, website creation, wooing suppliers, conversion optimization and getting traffic. The 7 training modules include specific action tasks so you learn drop shipping by applying principles:

  • Module 1: Niche Selection
  • Module 2: Market Research
  • Module 3: Web Design
  • Module 4: Supplier Approvals
  • Module 4: Supplier Approvals
  • Module 5: Optimize For Conversions
  • Module 6: Get Traffic
  • Module 7: Automation

The course promises that you can start your own drop ship store just 21 days. You can use the Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify App to save time with a Coupon Code Bar, Supplier List, Automatic Order Forwarding, Profit Calculator, and a To-Do List. There’ s even a Drop Ship Lifestyle theme for Shopify that is designed for conversions and page speed plus the Shopify Video Course on building your website. The course provides access to DSL’s Private eCommerce Communities, Drop Ship Labs , Fast Business Forum, and 6-Figure Coaching. Bonuses include a 21 Day Video Launch Plan and 4 years of recordings from DSL retreats where Anton and other top eCommerce experts gather to speak.

Store Coach

Store Coach prominently displays the tagline “Ditch Your Day Job” at the top of the home page. This course covers each step from deciding what to sell all the way to maximizing profits and managing day-to-day operations – and even selling your store. The 4 phases include:

1) Planning

2) Build-Out

3) Marketing

4) Operations

Coach Dave Hermansen has a decade of experience in eCommerce, running over 60 profitable online stores and selling several of them.

Dropship CEO

This course if to learn drop shipping on Amazon for “Easy, Repeatable, Dependable Passive Online Income.” Lance Tamashiro & Robert Plank designed this 4-module course with Bonus materials:

  • Module 1: Setup Account & Find Products
  • Module 2: Ship & Source Your Products
  • Module 3: Scale Your Operation
  • Module 4: Advanced Monetization
  • Special Bonus 1: “Successful Amazon Business” Wrap-Up Call
  • Special Bonus 2: “FBA Domination” Quickstart Report
  • Special Bonus 3: Feedback Patrol Software (6-Months Free) – Automatically contacts your buyers to build positive feedback
  • Special Bonus 4: 40-Minute Consulting Session with Lance & Robert personally to build your Amazon business
  • Special Bonus 5: Amazon FBA Checklist
  • Physical Bonus 1: 4-Disc Physical DVD Set Mailed to You
  • Physical Bonus 2: 230-Page Physical Manual Mailed to You.
  • Plus: Recordings & Transcripts

Online Empire Academy

Dream Dropshipping is a course from Dean Soto where you can learn drop shipping through Amazon that’s based on morally and ethically sound principles:

  • Intensive 4-Module Dream Drop Shipping Training
  • Exclusive Step-by-Step Video Training
  • Dean’s templates for Vendors and Customers
  • Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Dean’s automation checklists
  • (Bonus) Dean’s Udemy Outsourcing Course so you can hire a virtual assistant to run your entire business
  • (Bonus) Sponsored Ad Training for Dropshippers – harness the power of sponsored ads to skyrocket your sales
  • (Bonus) Amazon Tax Secrets – the only course that goes through everything you need to know about Amazon taxes and more


Bradley Long and Josh Hutchinson offer the 7-Figure Store Blueprint, a course to learn drop shipping so you can start generating a good income stream in 30 days. The course includes training on how to uncover profitable niches, the simple way to source quality in-demand products, the architecture behind persuasive headlines and item descriptions, persuasive pricing strategies, live chat tools, and much more. Shoptimized also has its own Shopify theme plus a One Hour Conversion Boost course from Bradley.

Frank Hatchett

Frank has a ton of videos on YouTube that cover all things eCommerce, but he has a few cool ones focused on drop shipping. He gets right down to the real business of it all, and you can learn drop shipping through the experiences and insights that he shares.

Over to You

There’s no time than right now to learn drop shipping. There’s so many reasons to put it off, but this is not going to get you any closer to living the dream. The best way to learn drop shipping is really from your own experience, but these courses can get you started on an amazing journey.

I challenge you to take just one video today. I challenge you to and commit those few minutes every day. Learn drop shipping tips and tricks that you can apply immediately to your business. Just. Get. Started.

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