Why Exercising is Important for Entrepreneurs

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You know that feeling towards the end of the day when your head begins to hurt a bit and you’re mind feels like it’s turning to mush?

If you’re a startup entrepreneur, you’ve most likely become accustomed to the feeling as you work through an endless checklist of tasks to build your company.

In this quick column, I’d like to discuss the importance of making time for exercise in your life as an entrepreneur. I’ll discuss how I’ve found it helpful through my journey and the benefits that it can make on your life while you build your startup.

Where Exercising Has Come Into My Life

I’ve been in that situation where I’m absolutely drained from working and it happens on quite a regular basis because of the tasks that I’ve put on my plate.

  1. Write on ConnorGillivan.com 1-2 times per week.
  2. Build eCommetize into a company that builds and manages online stores for handfuls of online influencers.
  3. Build FreeeUp into the hands-on solution for hiring remote workers in the eCommerce industry.
  4. Maintain the operations of Portlight, my first business selling products on the Amazon Marketplace.

It’s a handful, but I’ve found a productive and organized routine that allows me to uphold all of my responsibilities and witness growth each day. You can read about how I schedule my life in my column, Effectively Organize Each Day and Best Utilize your Time.

Even though I have everything rigidly scheduled, I still reach points of exhaustion where I’m forced to fight through or take a break.


I’ve been a runner for the better part of my life and it has made a tremendous impact on my ability to stay focused and avoid burn outs.

In my adolescence, I fell in love with running through the game of soccer. As I’ve grown into a young entrepreneur, I’ve continued to love that time alone where I can run for miles on end and truly process the thoughts that are beating around in my head.

When you are living the life of an entrepreneur, there are countless evenings that you stop working, but still have thoughts, ideas, and issues running through your head. They can distract you from spending quality time with your family and eventually drive you to insanity. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

I’ve found running to be my solution to that problem. But it doesn’t have to be limited to running. You can choose any sport or form of exercise that you enjoy.

The Benefits of Exercising for Entrepreneurs

1. You clear your mind

While I’m running or exercising, I’m one with my thoughts and I allow them to flow freely. I see them in a much different light from when I am sitting at my computer. You can too.

2. You improve your physical health

Exercising on a daily basis builds your physique into a stronger fortress to sickness and feelings of tiredness. Being in physical shape transitions to a healthy mind as well.

3. You gain more energy

Believe it or not, but you can have more energy when you regulary exert yourself more. Although you may be soar from tough workouts or your first workout back, you will eventually feel more alive. When I’m in a good habit of running each day after work, I find myself feeling better in the morning.

4. You are more confident

With exercise comes a better feeling and perception of self. As an entrepreneur, confidence is huge. Your jobis to convince others that you have a better solution for one of their problems than one of your competitors does. That requires confidence in your idea and in yourself.

5. You become accustomed to thinking while exercising

Once you’re in the flow of exercising on a daily basis, you’ll find that you’ll start to use it to think creatively about your business. On most of my runs, I come to a new conclusion about something within my ventures. It may be a new communication strategy or a new piece of the vision or an idea to close a potential client. It’s a great mind space for me outside of the normal work hours.

Get Started

It’s never the wrong time to get into a routine of exercising. It’s not going to be easy at first, but think of the benefits that it could have on your daily routine and mental stamina. If you have any particular routines that you enjoy, share them with the community.

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Do you want to
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