Visions of Writing, Clean Water, and Teleportation

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Today, I present you with three of my visions of writing, clean water, and teleportation. Each has a special place in my mind that I am determined to make a reality throughout my life and it is an honor to share them with you. While some may find my visions to be unreasonable or wacky, I argue that having the ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable is the first step to being able to making the impossible come true. I hope that you enjoy.

As a writer…

I envision becoming a world renowned author with over 25 books published and sold internationally.

I imagine one of my books making the best seller list for spirituality and self growth, one book making the best seller list for biography, and up to five books making the best seller list for business and entrepreneurship.

I envision my collection of books selling more than 1 million copies throughout my life.

I envision writing being a part of my life that I perform on the side of my companies and in random spurts where I am taking sabbaticals from building companies.

I imagine creating a well known blog where people seeking advice on entrepreneurship, business, leadership, financial management, and self growth will regularly come. I

I envision creating an online following of over 1,000,000 people through my efforts as an Internet marketer and building my personal brand.

I envision writing for top business publications, i.e. newspapers and magazines, on a semi-regular basis providing insights for young entrepreneurs who are interested in starting and growing their own companies.

I envision being asked to make appearances at colleges and events to share my knowledge on business and entrepreneurship.

I imagine my career as a writer opening doors to become a professor at a university close to my home.

I envision my writing taking me around the world to spread my beliefs and stories.

As an influencer in delivering clean water to bottom of the pyramid markets…

I envision myself as a social entrepreneur with a company dedicated to using technology to deliver water to the most remote areas of the world where people still walk miles everyday to fetch unclean water.

I envision my company based out of the United States with headquarters in the areas where our service and product is most used.

I envision a world where remote communities can order clean water directly to their doorstep and all payments are made through the Internet.

I envision a logistics system connecting the most remote areas with the water distilleries and distributors in each country.

I envision my company will create contracts with the government and global organizations to fund the water for people living under the international poverty rate.

I envision my role being very involved in the politics that will be required to obtain funding, increase Internet access, and improve infrastructure to ensure the safe delivery of the water to the company’s customers.

I envision the company as a profitable entity with a social mission of improving the lives at the bottom of the pyramid.

I envision the company beginning operations in relatively urban areas in third world countries and then spreading out to the most remote areas.

I envision the company eventually positively impacting millions of individuals and thousands of communities in areas where the people are deprived of clean water.

Once the infrastructure is set and there is a large user base, I imagine the company expanding to deliver other necessities to improve the lives of our customer base. I envision the company eventually delivering textbooks, medicine, and basic necessities. Think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

I envision the technology being mobile and extremely simple – written to agree with older versions of phones since that will most likely be used by the end consumer.

I envision growing my reputation with this company as one of the more ambitious and unreasonable individuals of our generation.

I envision this taking me to a new level where I am able to collaborate with some of the greatest minds of our time. The smartest in mobile technology, logistics, global Internet access, political figures, and more.

I envision this company being a true roller coaster. I will have great successes and advancements, but only at the expense of greater failures.

This company will be a lifelong commitment, but it will be one that has the potential to make a tremendous impact on the way the world thinks about the global water crisis. It will bring people closer together and improve the economies of the poorest areas of the world. Unemployment rates will slowly decrease while life expectancy rates gradually increase.

I envision traveling a great amount for this company…to the sites, to meetings with national leaders, to anywhere I’m needed.

I envision becoming a top leader in social entrepreneurship with this company.

I imagine the company being one of the most wanted to work for. I envision it employing thousands of people with diverse backgrounds around the world.

As an influencer in the discovery of teleportation

I envision myself as an entrepreneur and physicist with a company full of the most intelligent quantum physicists in the world.

I envision the company as a competitor to the traditional university settings where academics traditionally study and make discoveries.

I envision a lab where my team and I are able to test and discover the science of teleportation.

I envision the company being funded by my earnings and the government. For if the United States is the first country to make substantial advancements in the science of teleportation, it will put us ahead of the rest of the world. And when is the US not trying to be the front runner.

When the company eventually makes breakthroughs, I envision us creating a product that allows people to teleport information or physical objects (of a certain size) from one place/device to another within a given range. Over time, we will discover how to increase the size of the object and the range that it can travel.

I envision myself becoming well versed in the science of quantum physics through rigorous self study and interaction with physicists.

I envision recruiting the top talent and paying them more than they could make at any university. I envision recruiting the brightest PHD students out of college to intern with the company then convert them to full time scientists.

Once we discover the teleportation of physical objects or information, I envision us creating a household item that can be bought by people and will be used for purchasing goods. I envision a technology that combines the science of teleportation of data and the use of 3d printing to make this vision come true. A person will buy a special 3D printing machine that can sit in their garage. This machine will have data teleportation science technology within it. When you order a product on the Internet, the machine will be transferred the DNA of the product necessary to print the good for you in your home. I envision this being the product that transforms the way that people understand shopping and accessing goods. I envision this being the product that makes the company revenue generating and eventually profitable.

I imagine this being a worldwide household product that people will have in their homes in the next 50 to 100 years.

I envision life becoming quite hectic at this point. I will be juggling two global companies and pursuing my career as an author. And on top of all that, I will continue to pursue being an amazing husband, father, brother, son, and friend.

The Founding of my Visions

My visions of writing, clean water, and teleportation stem from the experiences that I have had through my life thus far and the eccentric leaders that I have studied. I have always believed in imagining solutions to problems that have yet to be solved through an extremely creative lense. These visions that I present to you are a glimpse into my approach to viewing some of the greatest feats of our world as opportunities to make a true impact on millions of lives.

How will I achieve each vision that I have for the future? Through an extreme amount of hard work, rigorous studying, and a masterful set of strategic plans. My next step in working towards these visions is to create the strategic plans for each path. Once I have those, I can set out on my journey.

Let’s Connect!

If you are interested in my visions of writing, clean water, and teleportation, reach out to me at Connor@ConnorGillivan.com. I am always looking for others interested in creating a new world where these visions are a reality.

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